“Tequila 2 Shots Minimum” Vintage LED Sign (40″)



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A shot of tequila, a slice of lime, and a sprinkling of salt is a classic recipe for a good time. Set the tone for an evening of fun with friends by switching on this vintage marquee sign!

“Tequila” is spelled out in antique type down each side of this metal bar sign, with a retro illustration of a shot glass of tequila with lime and the phrase “2 shot minimum” printed on the bottom. Six energy-efficient LED lights are designed to evoke the look of classic marquee bulbs, yet with the benefits of LED technology. The six LED bulbs are included, plus two replacements for added convenience.

The green, black, and teal metal of this bar sign has been distressed to give it a well-worn vintage look, and galvanized metal accents add an element of industrial design to this impressive wall decor. The LED lights are battery-operated, and so this striking bar sign can be mounted anywhere in your space. To add to its versatility this marquee sign is double-sided, and keyhole slots make it simple to mount. Use the convenient switch to add an eye-catching lighting element to bold, bright signage that looks great day and night.

Hang this impressive marquee sign in your home bar, man cave, living room or kitchen to find yourself with a great excuse to invite a few friends over for drinks.

Contains 1 marquee sign, 6 LED bulbs + 2 replacement bulbs

Dimensions: 40” H x 8” W x 4” D
Weight: 4.1 lbs

  • Classic look – This “Tequila” bar sign has a vintage look straight out of an old postcard, perfect for adding a touch of old-fashioned nightlife authenticity to your own home bar.
  • LED lights – Six LED lights give this marquee sign vivid charm without overwhelming your home lighting or consuming extensive battery power.
  • Cordless – The lights are battery-operated, so no need to hide unsightly cords.
  • Double-sided – This metal bar sign features lettering on both sides for mounting in the ideal location to grab the attention of your guests.
  • On/off switch – A convenient switch makes it simple to switch the LEDs on and off.